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Frequently Asked Questions about EffNews for Windows

(in progress)

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FAQ: When will EffNews support Atom?

May 15, 2004 | Fredrik Lundh

Pie/Echo/Atom support was added in release 1.0.10, in July 2003. Shortly thereafter, the format was modified just enough to break the reader.

The Atom support was updated in release 1.0.18, in May 2004. It should work with Atom 0.3 feeds.

FAQ: How do I tell effnews to use a proxy server?

October 16, 2003 | Fredrik Lundh

Effnews uses proxy settings from the Internet Options configuration panel. You can access this panel via the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, or via the control panel.

For instructions, see:

FAQ: I get “Installation failed due to an internal error (output file cannot be created)”

July 10, 2003 | Fredrik Lundh

If an effbot.exe-based application (effnews, blogping, etc) is running, the installer fails to overwrite the platform executable. To work around this problem, close down all effbot.exe applications, and run the installer again.

FAQ: The reader cannot find my browser

January 30, 2003 | Fredrik Lundh

Effnews uses Python’s webbrowser module, which runs the browser associated with the “http:” file prefix. If you find that it won’t fire up your favourite browser, or that it doesn’t work at all, you can

use the browser’s “make this browser the default browser” feature, if available,
use Jem Berkes’ SetBrowser tool (make sure you read the warnings on that page before you proceed),
attempt to modify the registry by hand (which will only work if you know exactly what you’re doing).