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The blogping Utility (effbot.exe)

Updated July 07, 2003 | February 2003 | Fredrik Lundh

This effbot.exe utility allows you to notify one or more weblog monitors that your weblog has been updated, all with a single click.

The current version supports all monitors that implement the weblogs XML-RPC interface. This includes weblogs.com, blo.gs, and others.

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To run this effbot.exe utility, you need effbot.exe/effnews version 1.0.5 or later, and the latest version of the blogping.effbot package (the current version is 1.0). Both packages are available from the effbot.org downloads site.

Step by step:

  1. Download the latest stable effbot.exe/effnews runtime installer from the effbot.org downloads site.

  2. Run the installer. If successful, an effnews window should appear on the screen after a few seconds. Close that window.

  3. Download the latest stable blogping kit from the effbot.org downloads site.

  4. Open the blogping.effbot file. Windows will ask if you want to “add blogping.effbot to the effbot.exe environment“. Click OK to install the blogping utility.

  5. If successful, a blogping window appears on the screen.

User’s Guide

Starting the Program

To start the blogping utility, use the effbot.exe blogping shortcut that the installer has added to your desktop.

(Feel free to drag the shortcut to your process bar, or to the start menu.)

If you cannot find the shortcut, you can open the c:/effbot.exe directory in the explorer, and open the blogping.effbot utility. (To create a shortcut, use the Send to Desktop command in the context menu.)


Before you can ping the monitors, you have to fill in the three fields at the top of the blogping window:

ping hosts

This is a list of URLs to ping. You can add any number of URLs, as long as you put each URL on its own line. Commonly used monitors include (copy and paste into the blogping window to use, click on the URL to go to the associated site):

http://nyligen.se/ping/ (Swedish blogs only)

(link contributions are welcome!)

The blogping utility adds http:// and trailing slashes, where necessary.

blog name

This is the name of your blog, e.g. My Excellent Blog.

blog url

This the the URL to your blog’s home page, e.g. http://excellentblog.blogspot.com.

Note that you have to click in a field to be able to edit it. The Tab key doesn’t work in the current version.


To ping the monitors, click the ping button. (!)

The utility will ping the monitors in order, and report the status in status window.