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The multifile module

A support module that allows you to treat each part of a multipart MIME message as an individual file.

Example: Using the multifile module
# File: multifile-example-1.py

import multifile
import cgi, rfc822

infile = open("samples/sample.msg")

message = rfc822.Message(infile)

# print parsed header
for k, v in message.items():
    print k, "=", v

# use cgi support function to parse content-type header
type, params = cgi.parse_header(message["content-type"])

if type[:10] == "multipart/":

    # multipart message
    boundary = params["boundary"]

    file = multifile.MultiFile(infile)


    while file.next():

        submessage = rfc822.Message(file)

        # print submessage
        print "-" * 68
        for k, v in submessage.items():
            print k, "=", v
        print file.read()



    # plain message
    print infile.read()